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Download SourceScan400


You are about to download a zip file containing an AS400 save file and a manual in Word format.

When the download is complete, please do the following:

1. Unzip the file

2. Send the file SRCSCN.svf to your AS400 (use ftp in binary mode or another binary file transfer method) as follows:

3. Create a save file called SRCSCN in library QTEMP or QGPL. Put or transfer the file SRCSCN.svf to the save file on the AS400.
    If the transfer to the save file is successful, please proceed with Step 4.
    If your transfer facility will only let you transfer to a physical file then do the following:
    3a.    Create a physical file with a record length of 528.
    3b.    Transfer the file SRCSCN.svf to the physical file on the AS400.
    3c.    Using the SNDNETF command send the physical file to user QUSER as follows:
                      SNDNETF  FILE(QGPL/physical~file)   TOUSRID( ( QUSER  QUSER ) ).
    3d.    Create the save file if you have not done so already. Create it as a save file called SRCSCN in library QGPL.
    3e     Use the WRKNETF  QUSER command to display the network file created in Step 3c.
    3f      Take option 1 to receive the network file and press F4 to prompt for the name of the file to receive the network file.
    3g     Enter the name of the save file you created in the 'To data base file' or TOFILE parameter.
    3h     Press  ENTER. The message 'File physical~file member member number x received' is displayed.
    3i    . The data is now in the save file and you are ready to restore from it.

4. Restore the library SRCSCN from the save file.

5. Duplicate all commands from library SRCSCN to QGPL.

6. Try the SCAN command.

7. You will be asked to input access codes.

8. Call or e-mail us for your access codes.

  Click here to download SourceScan400.      



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