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     iPDF Server


  iPDF Server creates and maintains an indexed PDF archive of iSeries/AS400 spoolfiles, on your server or PC


Save  spoolfiles to PDF format Archive reports
On-line Archive History Save disk space
Users can view their own reports Improve performance
Easy to use Provide security for spoolfiles
Flexible Eliminates 'manual' save of spoolfiles
Can be used with existing backup routines Save on paper  / printing costs
Selective archive by age, user etc. Conforms to legal requirement to archive reports
Frees up IT staff


iPDF Server is split mainly into four parts:

  • Defining Archives on your iSeries/AS400

  • Transferring spoolfiles to the server archive

  • Using spoolfile archive history

  • Viewing spoolfiles on your server of PC



Defining Archives.

Archives are defined on your iSeries/AS400. They are actually stores on the server. You can setup PDF archives using the command WRKPDFAR. Information stored for each archive includes a description, IP address, path, network user, network password, and index settings. A test function can be used to make sure connections and transfer will work correctly.  














Transferring Spoolfiles.

This is done through one command (TFRSPLF) for batch and interactive conversion and transferring of spoolfiles. In batch mode you can transfer all spoolfiles in one or more output queues to an IP address. The archive number is specified and the default IP address, path, network user, network password, and index settings can be retrieved for that archive.


Viewing Spoolfile Archive History on the iSeries/AS400

Using the command WRKPDFHST  you can view the log of spoolfile saves. A particular spoolfile can be located, along with information about the transfer, such as the archive, IP address, and save date and time. The command WRKPDFOPS shows details of transfer operations.


Viewing spoolfiles on your server or PC.

Use Internet Explorer (or another web browser) to view your report archive. Each archive can have 4 indices, - user, output queue, save operation and report date and time.  Version 2.0 of iPDF Server will have advanced indexing based on report contents.

 Spoolfiles are viewed in PDF format, and can be emailed to other users. The user will require little of no training to use the familiar Windows functions. 



View demo archive

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Products Order About Us  Contact Us


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