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for scanning and editing source members


Designed to make source editing easier and faster SourceScan400 can scan and edit multiple source members. Scan criteria are entered once and can be retrieved for later use. For each string found there can be a replace option. SourceScan400 runs in preview or update mode. The results of the scan and/or replace are displayed in a report. This utility can take weeks off repetitive source editing tasks.


Fig.1 Entering search and replace strings.

Unbeatable time saver! Save thousands of man-hours! Reduce project costs!


Fig.2 The prompt for storing search and replace strings after a scan operation.

Scan multiple sources for multiple search strings Special predefined date searches
Specify replacement strings Works with any type of source (e.g.RPG, COBOL, DDS)
List source lines containing search strings Supports replace with blanks, wild character search, compress expand
Update the source lines if requested Same case/different case
Run scan in preview or update mode. Compile option
Save search and replace strings after use No training required
Retrieve search strings in later sessions Fits in with any methodology and ‘site culture’
Source changes documented

Fig.3 The prompt for storing search and replace strings after a scan operation.

Platform : IBM AS400 (all models). Risc version available


Download SourceScan400 now.


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